The Widex company produces several hearing aid options with a variety of features and styles. Hearing aid users may be able to find their ideal hearing aid among the available types of Widex hearing aids. The different models of Widex hearing aids offer different features and accessories.

The Passion 440 Widex hearing aid is the premium hearing aid in their product line. This hearing aid style is called a receiver-in-canal (RIC) hearing aid by Widex. It appears to be the same as what most companies call an open fit hearing aid. The receiver is in the canal while the rest of the hearing aid is behind the ear.

Passion 440 hearing aids come in a variety of colors. Programs and accessories are available to further personalize the use of this hearing aid. One unique program is the Zen program. The Zen program plays random, non-repeated tones in the hearing aid user’s choice of five styles. The volume, tempo, pitch, and key can be modified to suit the user’s tastes. Providing a pleasant sound background for relaxation is the purpose of the Zen program.

A basic hearing aid model sold by Widex is the REAL product line. REAL hearing aids provide quality hearing aid basics at an affordable price. The REAL Widex hearing aid is available in behind-the-ear (BTE), mini-behind-the-ear, micro-behind-the-ear, in-the-ear (ITE), and completely-in-canal (CIC) styles.

Widex Flash hearing aids are designed to be an affordable hearing aid that is easy to use. Easy listening features such as feedback canceling to reduce whistling and voice amplification are meant to make this hearing aid easy to use as well as increase the quality of the listening experience.

The mind hearing aid products are focused on sound quality for all types of hearing loss. Like the Passion 440 hearing aid, the mind440 hearing aid offers the Zen program. Widex also offers hearing aid accessories especially designed for children to assist their ability to hear speech clearly in the classroom and other noisy settings.

The Widex company is based in Denmark. Widex hearing aids are available in numerous locations worldwide. An audiologist or hearing aid professional helps the hearing aid user choose which of the Widex hearing aids is best suited for their hearing loss, budget, and lifestyle.

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