Starkey hearing aids are designed to provide quality and personalization. Starkey’s newest line of hearing aids is called the Starkey S Series with Drive Architecture. These hearing aids combine power, precision, and comfort. Drive Architecture uses multi-core processing for better performance.

The comfort of Starkey hearing aids is through its automatic adjustments to volume settings. When a person wearing a Starkey hearing aid enters a noisy environment, the volume automatically adjusts to prevent uncomfortable bursts of sound.

A hearing professional can help personalize a Starkey hearing aid to match the needs of the individual. The individual’s lifestyle and measurements of the hearing loss are considered when personalizing a hearing aid. They can also be ordered to match the individual’s skin tone or hair color.

The Starkey S Series is three times more powerful. They are designed to reduce whistling and to have better compatibility with phone use. A feature of a Starkey hearing aid is PureWave Feedback Eliminator which reduces feedback that may otherwise be caused by a variety of situations such as hair brushing against the hearing aid or being outside on a windy day.

Starkey hearing aids come in five different styles. They are available in receiver-in-canal (RIC), receiver-in-canal Absolute Power, completely-in-canal (CIC), in-the-canal (ITC), and in-the-ear (ITE). Receiver-in-canal with Absolute Power is designed to provide power and comfort to those with severe hearing loss.

The hearing professional can use a simulation of real life environments to give the user a sample of how the Starkey hearing aid works in different settings. While listening to the typical sounds in the real life settings that the individual commonly experiences, the hearing professional can make any necessary adjustments to the hearing aid. This helps the hearing professional provide the optimal settings for the user.

In addition to hearing aids, Starkey makes earplugs and hearing devices for people with normal hearing. For example, Starkey makes wireless headsets that use Bluetooth technology and special earpieces for stage performers such as actors. Starkey also makes ear molds that customize the fit of stethoscopes and earpieces for newscasters, pilots, and racecar drivers which can make them much more comfortable.