Songbird hearing aids are digital hearing aids that are disposable. Each Songbird hearing aid lasts about four hundred hours of use. Instead of replacing the battery, the hearing aid is thrown away. A Songbird hearing aid is suitable for people with mild to moderate hearing loss.

The Songbird company focuses on providing a quality, affordable alternative to traditional hearing aids. Though most hearing aids require the services of a hearing professional to personalize the hearing aid for optimal settings for the patient, Songbird hearing aids are ordered on the Internet or by phone. Songbird hearing aids cost about $80 each. This hearing aid company offers a money back guarantee and sometimes have a free trial offer for hearing aids.

Since Songbird hearing aids are disposable hearing aids, they do not require the maintenance, repairs, or cleaning that traditional hearing aids need. Songbird hearing aids may be a wise choice for someone who does not need a hearing aid all the time or who does not have money or medical insurance for a hearing exam by an audiologist and a traditional hearing aid.

The benefit of using an audiologist is the assurance that the hearing aid will precisely meet the patient’s needs. Audiologists can personalize the program settings of traditional hearing aids to meet the specific needs of the patient. Songbird hearing aids have a volume control which the person can adjust to three different volume settings.

The design of a Songbird hearing aid is an adjustable, behind-the-ear model. Because they are adjustable, these hearing aids are described as having a comfortable fit. The Songbird hearing aids come with a case to store the hearing aids when not in use. The hearing aids also come with an instructional booklet with tips on maintaining the hearing aid’s optimal performance such as how to keep hearing aids clean.

The Songbird company does recommend that the person consult a physician about the hearing loss. Some causes of hearing loss can be medically corrected. Hearing loss can also be a sign of a serious medical condition which should be ruled out before the hearing loss is treated with a hearing aid.

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