Siemens is a company that manufactures different types of hearing aids. Different types hearing aids work best for different types of hearing loss and the various needs of the individual. Therefore, an individual purchasing a hearing aid should consider the benefits, cost, and ease of use of many different hearing aids before deciding on which is best.

Siemens hearing aids are divided into different product lines. Siemens Motion hearing aids make automatic adjustments to volume and program settings. The behind-the-ear models of Siemens Motion hearing aids are rechargeable.

Siemens Life hearing aids have an element of design flair. The behind-the-ear Siemens Life hearing aids resemble the wireless earpieces commonly used for cell phones. They have many designs available. This product line is marketed as a comfortable solution for first-time hearing aid users. The user can exchange the hearing aid for a different design if the user changes their mind.

Siemens Pure is a line of Siemens hearing aids with a small size designed for discretion. The tiny completely-in-canal Siemens hearing aid is much less noticeable than many other models. Siemens Pure hearing aids have three different power levels. The Siemens Pure hearing aids automatically adjust the volume and sound processing as needed. A Siemens hearing aid can be ordered to match the patient’s hair color or skin tone.

Siemens Explorer product line is designed for children. These hearing aids are designed to be safe and durable. They are made to make speech clear which can help reduce the hearing loss’ impact on speech development.

Siemens Explorer hearing aids are designed to adjust to a child’s changing needs as the child grows. Hearing aid accessories and features are available to match the child’s needs. For example, the battery compartment has a baby-safe lock and accessories are available to add Bluetooth technology for the older child or teenager.

Siemens hearing aids have an optional wireless enhancement system called Tek. Tek works with Bluetooth to use the hearing aid as a wireless headset for devices such as cell phones, MP3 players, laptops, and televisions. An audiologist can often help the patient select the best Siemens hearing aid and hearing aid accessories for the patient.