When a customer reviews hearing aids, the hearing aid user often had either a very good experience with the hearing aid or a bad one. People often do not take the time to review products with which they are just generally satisfied or somewhat dissatisfied.

One may want to consider that the validity of the complaint or review cannot be judged accurately by merely reading the review or complaint. Consider that it is possible for competitors to post negative reviews or complaints about the competition.

The cost of hearing aids may cause people to have very high expectations of hearing aids. People with hearing loss often assume that the hearing aid they purchase will allow them to hear as well as they did before the hearing loss without any difficulty. With these high expectations, the reviews of hearing aids may reflect more negative experiences if the hearing aids did not live up to the customers’ high expectations.

It is not uncommon for customer reviews of hearing aids to be contradictory. One customer may have had an excellent experience with a hearing aid while someone else may have had a horrible experience with the same hearing aid. Many factors affect customer satisfaction with hearing aids. If the service of the audiologist or hearing professional was poor or if the audiologist failed to adjust the settings or fit of the hearing aid, the hearing aid user may already have a negative opinion of the hearing aid before they even begin to use it.

If the hearing aid user experiences occlusion which is the sense that the ear is plugged or sounds are being heard in a confined space, the hearing aid user may have difficulty adjusting to hearing aids. Occlusion is generally more related to the type of hearing aid and not the quality of the hearing aid. Many new hearing aid users may mistake occlusion for a sign of poor quality.

When people research hearing aids, it is important for them to remember that a hearing aid user typically reviews hearing aids when their experience is better or worse than usual. However, if a hearing aid brand, model, or manufacturer is receiving consistent reviews with similar complaints, the person researching the hearing aid may want to consider that complaint as possibly indicating an ongoing problem with that hearing aid.