Phonak hearing aids are available in numerous models to match people’s lifestyles and affordable Phonak hearing aids prices to suit their budgets. The Phonak company has categorized their hearing aids as standard, advanced, or premium. In addition to the variety of options, Phonak provides hearing aid accessories that may provide even more customization to meet the client’s specific needs.

The standard hearing aids are focused on providing a quality hearing aid with the client’s budget in mind when setting the hearing aids prices. The Audéo YES III, Certéna, Naída III, and Nios Micro III are the standard products. Audéo YES III has a small, sleek design and full wireless capabilities. This model is suitable for use for people with mild to severe hearing loss.

Certéna hearing aids offer technological features such as WhistleBlock Technology, SoundFlow, wireless connectivity, and cable-free fitting. WhistleBlock Technology is a feedback cancelation feature. Certéna hearing aids are marketed as an affordable, dependable option.

The Naída III is the standard version of Phonak’s Naída product line. The Naída III hearing aid offers six available channels, omnidirectional hearing, and standard VoiceFlow. The Naída V is the advanced version of Naída hearing aids. The Naída V has sixteen available channels and digital AudioZoom. The premium version of the Naída hearing aids is called the Naída IX. The Naída IX has twenty available channels and VoiceZoom technology.

In addition to the Naída V, the other advanced hearing aids are the Audéo IV, Versáta, and Nio Micro IV. The Versáta is designed to offer quality hearing in a wide variety of environments. The settings automatically adjust to the noise or sound in the environment.

The Naída IX, Exélia Art, and Audéo YES IX are the premium models of Phonak hearing aids. The premium models offer the best quality products, wireless capabilities, and sound technology that goes beyond the amplification of sound for clients who can afford the highest quality.

In addition to these core products, Phonak offers other hearing aids and hearing aid accessories. The numerous choices available may seem overwhelming, but it is important to remember that a hearing specialist or audiologist will help the client choose the best Phonak hearing aid and hearing aid accessories to match the client’s needs and budget.

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