Oticon hearing aids are available in three categories. These three categories are value, design, and performance. In addition to the hearing aids in these categories, Sumo DM is an Opticon hearing aid designed for maximum power.

The Vigo hearing aid is Oticon’s standard, value hearing aid. This Oticon hearing aid has automatic features which are often included in high-quality hearing aids. The Oticon Vigo is easy to use. The Vigo hearing aid is available in two designs and ten colors.

The Oticon hearing aid in the design category is called the Oticon Dual. The Oticon Dual features a sleek design and new technology. Oticon Dual hearing aids work together to deliver natural, balanced sound.

The Epoq hearing aid is Oticon’s performance quality hearing aid. The Epoq hearing aid provides a complex, detailed delivery of sound. The Epoq hearing aid is designed to provide a natural balance of sound.

The Epoq product line of Oticon hearing aids balance sound input to the ears. They do this by communicating with each other and coordinating the sound delivered by each hearing aid. The Epoq hearing aids are said to improve the user’s ability to identify the source of sounds.

Oticon’s ConnectLine allows users to comfortably use the phone, listen to music, or watch television. The ConnectLine delivers the sound directly to the Epoq hearing aid. ConnectLine improves the intelligibility of speech and the overall quality of sound from electronics and phones. The ConnectLine solution for television viewing includes a television adapter that transmits the sound directly to the hearing aids.

In addition to the ConnectLine products, Oticon has other hearing aid accessories. The FM Solutions is an accessory that improves the hearing aid user’s ability to hear in difficult situations such as a classroom or business meeting. The FM Solutions product is a microphone that the speaker wears. The speech is delivered directly to the hearing aids which cuts down on background noise and increases the hearing aid user’s ability to hear.

An audiologist or hearing professional can help a hearing aid user choose the best combination of Oticon hearing aids and hearing aid accessories to meet the user’s specific needs.

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