An open fit hearing aid is a behind-the-ear (BTE) hearing aid that does not have the large ear mold that a traditional BTE hearing aid has. Instead, the tubing of the open fit hearing aids fits into the ear canal.

A behind-the-ear (BTE) hearing aid has the electronic components of the hearing aid in a casing that fits behind the ear. A plastic tube carries the sound to an ear mold that fits over the ear canal. A mini behind-the-ear hearing aid has a receiver that is much smaller than an ear mold. The open fit hearing aid takes this minimization one step further and has no receiver to block the ear canal.

Since the ear canal is not blocked by an ear mold, the open fit model of hearing aids does not cause a sense of occlusion like many hearing aids. When the ear canal is blocked by a ear mold or hearing aid, the hearing aid user may experience occlusion or the sense that the sounds are being heard in a small, confined space.

Occlusion is one of the most common complaints of hearing aid users. Some hearing aid users describe occlusion as feeling as though they are hearing sound in a barrel. Some hearing aid users of other models of hearing aids feel as though their ears are plugged up.

Eliminating occlusion is a considerable advantage of open fit hearing aids. Many hearing aid users who do not regularly use their hearing aids claim that occlusion is the reason for their lack of hearing aid usage.

Another benefit to open fit hearing aids is that ear wax is less likely to interfere with the small tubing. Therefore, the functioning of the hearing aid will not be impaired by earwax. An open fit hearing aid may be the best choice for someone who experiences such earwax problems with other hearing aid models.

Open fit hearing aids are one of the models offered by companies that provide hearing aids that are not customized for the hearing aid user. The lack of a need of fittings and customization allows some companies to sell these hearing aids cheaply and directly to the public without an audiologist.

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