Miracle Ear was the first company to offer an in the ear hearing aid. The company was started in the mid-twentieth century. Miracle Ear Centers have over twelve hundred locations across the United States.
Many of the locations are in Sears stores.

Miracle Ear offers free hearing tests. After the hearing test, the hearing professional helps the customer choose the best hearing aid for the customer’s budget, lifestyle, and hearing impairment.

Miracle Ear has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB) on a scale from A+ to F. The Better Business Bureau also indicates in its report that no customer Miracle Ear complaints have been filed during their current reporting period of thirty-six months. This refers to the Miracle Ear headquarters. Some franchises may have complaints and lower ratings.

Common hearing aid customer complaints have to do with the cost of the hearing aids and the lack of insurance coverage. Other common complaints include less than satisfactory service and poor customer service. Some complaints are dissatisfaction with the functioning of the hearing aids.

The standard thirty day trial period is often a problem for customers. When a customer purchases hearing aids and begins wearing them, the customer must have a chance to get used to the hearing aids.

If the hearing aids are not helping the customer, the hearing specialist often recommends an adjustment. It is common to need several adjustments. By the time the customer determines that the adjustments are not correcting the lack of effectiveness of the hearing aids, the trial period has typically ended.

Some Miracle Ear complaints from customers included feedback, skin irritation near the ear canal, poor customer service from the staff of one of their locations, and a lack of ability to hear despite wearing the hearing aids and receiving adjustments from the audiologist. Many hearing aid companies receive similar complaints.

Hearing aid complaints seem to be indicative of problems with the hearing aid industry. This is not restricted to one company. Hearing aid customers may need to be their own advocates to ensure that they get what they paid for.

If the company refuses to honor their contract or the customer has other hearing aid complaints, the customer should discuss the problem with the company. If the customer is not satisfied with the result, the customer has the option of filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau.

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