Lyric hearing aids fit completely in the ear canal which makes them invisible to others. These completely-in-canal hearing aids must be inserted by an audiologist or hearing specialist.

The outer construction of these tiny hearing aids is a soft material meant to conform comfortably to the contour of the ear canal. Lyric hearing aids are not removed by the user like other models of hearing aids.

The hearing aid user does all their normal activities including showering and even swimming with these hearing aids in place. They can be used while talking on the phone and kept in while sleeping.

Many users of these hearing aids claim that the sound is more natural than they experienced with other hearing aids. Lyric hearing aids do not require the replacement of hearing aid batteries. The battery is designed to last up to one hundred twenty days.

Lyric hearing aids do not use settings and channels like other hearing aids. The need for these is replaced by the use of the outer ear to naturally direct sound into the ear canal. The Lyric hearing aid is sold by subscription. The hearing aid user purchases a year-long subscription for the Lyric hearing aid.

The hearing aid user visits the audiologist for replacements of the Lyric hearing aid. If the technology has improved, the newest Lyric hearing aid will be inserted when the hearing aid user returns to the audiologist for a replacement.

The volume of the Lyric hearing aids is adjusted by the user with the use of a Soundlync adjustment tool that is provided at the time the hearing aid is purchased. The Soundlync adjustment tools also have a magnet to allow the user to remove the hearing aid if this becomes necessary.

Lyric is offering a risk-free trial for hearing aid users. The annual subscription is dated for the first day of the trial period. Though the hearing aid user is allowed to try it free at first, the audiologist may charge fees for their services.

Lyric hearing aids are not the best hearing aids for everyone. The Lyric hearing aids are designed to help people with a mild to moderately-severe hearing impairment. The hearing professional can inform hearing aid users if Lyric would be a good option for them.

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