Hearing loss ranges from an impairment in the ability to distinguish some sounds to total deafness. Hearing loss may be present at birth or may develop later. Hearing problems causes may cause permanent or temporary hearing loss. Conductive hearing loss is the temporary hearing loss caused by something blocking the ability of sound from reaching the inner ear.

Permanent hearing loss and deafness are called sensorineural hearing loss. This permanent hearing loss impairs the ear from being able to function normally. Though it can’t be medically corrected, sensorineural hearing loss may be treated with hearing aids.

Hearing problems causes may be congenital. The newborn may be born with a hereditary hearing loss or hearing loss due to chromosomal abnormality, deformity, or infection.

A chromosomal abnomality is caused by a genetic mutation while the embryo is forming and growing. This is like a genetic accident. Unlike chromosomal abnormalities, hearing loss or deafness from normal heredity occurs when the parents carry the genes for deafness.

Some causes of deafness and hearing loss are more common in childhood than other times in the person’s life. Otitis media, commonly known as a middle ear infection, can impair a child’s hearing. This impairment may be temporary. In most cases, the hearing is restored when the ear infection clears.

The hearing problems causes related to an ear infection are typically conductive hearing loss from fluid buildup in the ear. Therefore, when the ear infection clears and the fluid is no longer interfering with hearing, the hearing returns to normal.

Some viral and bacterial infections have been linked to hearing loss. Some infections that can damage hearing include mumps, scarlet fever, chicken pox, influenza, measles, and meningitis.

Hearing problems causes can be due to physical or acoustic trauma. Head injuries or injuries that cause a perforated eardrum can cause hearing loss. The eardrum can also be perforated by sudden, loud noises such as a gunshot or explosion.

Noise-induced hearing loss is hearing loss that is due to long-term exposure to noise. For example, this exposure can be caused by listening to loud music or a noisy work environment.