When most people think of hearing aid supplies, they think of hearing aid batteries. In addition to hearing aid batteries, many hearing aid users purchase other supplies and hearing aid accessories including hearing aid dryers, moisture protection supplies for hearing aids, and hearing aid cleaning brushes.

Hearing aid batteries are an essential hearing aid supply. With the exception of rechargeable or disposable hearing aids, all hearing aids need an ongoing supply of hearing aids. Different types of hearing aids require different size batteries. The type of hearing aids and the amount of hearing aid usage affects how often that the hearing aid batteries need to be replaced.

Hearing aid batteries are typically sold in packs of four or six batteries or cartons of forty or sixty batteries. Some cartons of sixty batteries range in price from thirty to forty-five dollars. Prices vary depending on the type of battery, size, manufacturer, and where they are sold.

A hearing aid dryer dries the moisture that can interfere with the proper functioning of the hearing aid. Wearing hearing aids can cause moisture to accumulate in the hearing aid. This problem can be worse for some hearing aid users than others. A hearing aid user who is very active or sweats more than usual may need to use a hearing aid dryer regularly.

Hearing aid dryers can be electric or in the form of a jar with drying chemicals. An ear mold air blower is a bulb syringe used to dry moisture and blow debris from the hearing aid. Hearing aid brushes are small brushes used to clean dirt and debris from the hearing aid.

Some hearing aid supplies are designed to prevent the buildup of moisture in the hearing aid. One product is a set of replaceable latex covers for the hearing aid. The latex covers fit over the hearing aid while allowing a clear space to avoid obstructing the microphone. Latex covers should not be used by hearing aid users who are allergic to latex.

The hearing aid supplies help ensure that the hearing aid is able to function at its optimum level. Cleaning the hearing aid and removing moisture may help prevent hearing aid malfunctioning. Hearing aid supplies can be found on the Internet, at hearing aid suppliers, through audiologists, and at some stores.