Traditional hearing aids typically cost thousands of dollars. Many medical insurance companies fail to provide full or even partial coverage for the necessary doctor exams and the purchase price of hearing aids. For people with medical insurance, they should contact the insurance company to find out what exactly is covered.

Medical insurance is not the only source of free hearing aids or help with a hearing aid purchase. Some people may be eligible to receive free hearing aids, especially if they are employed and need the hearing aid to retain employment or would like to become employed.

In the United States, some government agencies provide free hearing aids for people who need them in order to be able to work. Vocational rehabilitation agencies have programs to help people who want to work to be able to overcome challenges such as hearing loss. Some programs provide support, such as a free hearing aid, for an employee who is in danger of losing their jobs without it.

People who work or want to work but need a hearing aid to do so should check their state’s website for occupational rehabilitation or vocational rehabilitation agencies. The person with hearing loss can find the location and contact information for their local vocational rehabilitation office. If the person has difficulty finding this information, the local public assistance or welfare office may be able to provide the contact information for occupational rehabilitation.

In addition to free hearing aids, vocational rehabilitation may help a person prepare for work in other ways. After a thorough evaluation process, the person may be eligible for help with tuition and other education costs to prepare the person for employment. The person needs to understand that this application and evaluation process takes time, but with a little patience, the person with hearing loss or other disability can be better prepared to obtain gainful employment.

For people outside of the United States, they should check their government’s websites or local assistance or welfare agencies to see what is available. Many times, people are unaware of help with the price of hearing aids that is available to them until they check for it.