The cost of hearing aids often deters people with hearing loss from purchasing them. Considering that hearing aids can cost thousands of dollars and are rarely covered by health insurance, hearing aids can be extremely expensive. People with hearing loss often look for discount hearing aids.

One discount retailer, Costco, has sought to provide low cost hearing aids to people with hearing loss. Numerous Costco stores have a hearing center where people can get free hearing tests and purchase discount hearing aids. Even though these hearing aids are somewhat cheaper than hearing aids purchased through an audiologist, the hearing aids from Costco can still cost thousands of dollars.

If the person with hearing loss cannot afford those hearing aids or is not near a Costco, the person may want to seek cheap hearing aids from Songbird Hearing, Inc. Songbird has disposable discount hearing aids that sell for about eighty dollars. In addition to these hearing aids being cheap, they do not require hearing aid batteries. When the Songbird hearing aid no longer works, the person throws it away and replaces it with a new one.

Songbird offers another affordable option for people who need hearing aids. The regular Songbird hearing aid costs about two hundred seventy dollars. This hearing aid does require hearing aid batteries and comes with six free batteries.

Another discount hearing aid is the Lee Majors Rechargeable Bionic hearing aid. For about fifteen dollars, the person can have a trial to try the hearing aid. If the hearing aid user purchases the rechargeable hearing aid, the cost of the hearing aid is three installments of approximately sixty-six dollars. One benefit of the Lee Majors Rechargeable Bionic hearing aids is that they do not need hearing aid batteries. Since hearing aid batteries can be expensive, this is a significant benefit.

Discount hearing aids may be the only opportunity that someone with a hearing loss has to be able to afford hearing aids. These are just a few options for cheap hearing aids. The person may also want to see if they qualify for free hearing aids through an organization, charity, or vocational rehabilitation government agency.