Many people who need hearing aids do not or cannot get them due to the expense of purchasing hearing aids. It is no wonder that many people search for dirt cheap hearing aids. While hearing aids can cost thousands of dollars, people can find inexpensive hearing aids.

One option for inexpensive hearing aids is disposable hearing aids. Songbird hearing aids are designed to be an affordable alternative. The disposable Songbird hearing aids cost about eighty dollars. Instead of replacing the batteries of disposable hearing aids, the person disposes of the hearing aid.

Songbird has a dirt cheap hearing aid that is not disposable. This hearing aid costs about two hundred seventy dollars. This hearing aid comes with six free batteries and a protective case.

The disadvantage of using dirt cheap hearing aids that are purchased directly from the manufacturer and not through an audiologist is the lack of ability for the hearing aid to be customized. The person using such a hearing aid is not receiving the full benefit of using hearing aids.

An audiologist normally adjusts the settings of hearing aids to match the needs of the user. When cheap hearing aids are purchased directly from the manufacturer, the person receives the standard hearing aid whether or not the settings are ideal for that customer.

Another disadvantage is that using these hearing aids without receiving medical attention for the hearing loss can put the person’s health and hearing at greater risk. The hearing loss may be caused by a health problem that could go undetected and untreated without medical attention for the hearing loss. Also, some people use hearing aids for a hearing loss that is able to be medically corrected if the person would have seen a physician or audiologist for a thorough evaluation.

Dirt cheap hearing aids are a necessity of some hearing aid users who cannot afford traditional hearing aids. In addition to Songbird hearing aids, the person may find inexpensive hearing aids at a discount retailer like Costco. Costco’s hearing center sells traditional hearing aids at prices that are often cheaper than those sold by an audiologist.