Costco Hearing Aids Brands – Costco hearing aids are popular options for people who are concerned about the cost of hearing aids and the audiologist appointment. Why do people buy a hearing aid from Costco? Maybe because they offers a free hearing test to determine if the customer can benefit from hearing aids. Costco administers a hearing test in a sound-proof booth in the Costco Hearing Aid Center.

Costco Hearing Aids Prices Based on the results of the hearing test, the Costco staff shows the customer which hearing aids that Costco has that are best suited for the individual. The testing is only the beginning of the process. The person is able to get the hearing aids fitted and follow-up visits at the Costco Hearing Aid Center.

Costco does not manufacture hearing aids. The Costco hearing aids are hearing aids from three major hearing aid suppliers. Customers typically have a large selection of styles from which to choose. Costco offers open fit, behind the ear (BTE), in the canal (ITC), and completely in the canal (CIC) hearing aids.

Costco Hearing Aids Prices – The advantages of buying hearing aids through Costco are stated by Costco as the low prices, free hearing aid cleaning, Costco hearing aid free warranty, free loss and damage coverage, and a ninety-day trial period. Costco also provides ten free hearing aid batteries with each hearing aid purchase.

Convenience is a common reason why people chose to go to Costco. There are numerous locations across the United States.

Costco is typically associated with value. The prices for a Costco hearing aid that is quoted on the Costco website can range from five hundred to two thousand dollars. Some audiologists and hearing professionals warn that customers may not receive the same quality of service and hearing aid customization at Costco as they would with the help of an audiologist.

Some customers have expressed dissatisfaction with Costco hearing aids. The satisfaction or dissatisfaction with new hearing aids can be due to a variety of factors. Some reasons do not have anything to do with the hearing aid provider.

One common misconception of people who purchase new hearing aids is thinking that the hearing aids will instantaneously correct their hearing to return it to the best hearing they ever had in their lives. However, the customer should keep in mind that it may take several weeks to become adjusted to wearing hearing aids.

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