A Bluetooth hearing aid is a hearing aid that incorporates the Bluetooth technology. Many hearing ad users find it difficult to comfortably use telephones, televisions, and other electronics with audio. The Bluetooth technology can make listening to electronic devices more comfortable and convenient for hearing aid users.

Bluetooth is the technology used to allow mobile phone users to engage in phone calls via their wireless Bluetooth headset. Bluetooth also can be used to transfer files through this wireless connection. The application of this technology to hearing aids has many benefits.

Several companies make hearing aids that utilize the Bluetooth wireless technology. ReSound and Siemens are examples of hearing aid companies that make Bluetooth hearing aids.

One inventor recently modified a Bluetooth handset to double as a hearing aid. The device can be used to amplify sound that is not over the phone. When the person makes or receives a phone call, the Bluetooth hearing aid switches to Bluetooth mode.

Hearing aids with Bluetooth allow the hearing aid user to receive the sound from electronic devices directly to the hearing aid by a wireless connection. In doing so, Bluetooth hearing aids allow the user to listen more comfortable and clearly to televisions, MP3 players, computers, and cell phones with Bluetooth capabilities.

When a hearing aid user uses the Bluetooth hearing aid to make or receive a phone call with a cell phone with Bluetooth technology, the hearing aid user does not need to hold the cell phone to their ear or listen with the speaker phone.

Siemens Bluetooth hearing aids use a device that they call the Tek transmitter to allow the user to have wireless connection to other electronics with Bluetooth technology. The use of the Tek transmitter provides sound in stereo from these electronic devices. When using Bluetooth with a television, stereo, MP3 player, or telephone, the hearing aids act as wireless headsets.

A hearing professional can describe the benefits of a Bluetooth hearing aid for the individual. Not everyone may find this technology valuable, but many hearing aid users enjoy the comfort and ease of use of Bluetooth technology for their hearing aids.

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