The Beltone company has been developing and manufacturing hearing aids since 1940. There are fourteen hundred locations across the United States. Beltone hearing aids come in a large range of hearing aid models.

The completely-in-canal (CIC) hearing aids are called Invisa. The Petite Plus, Opera Plus, and Optima are the in-the-ear (ITE) hearing aids by Beltone.

The Beltone Edge model is an open-fit hearing aid. The One/Mia and Marq hearing aids are behind-the-ear hearing aid style by Beltone. The Touch hearing aid style fits on the outer ear and in the ear canal.

The hearing aid user has four general levels of circuitry to choose from. The basic hearing aid is provides basic sound amplification for use in non-demanding hearing environments. The basic Beltone hearing aids have a feature that reduces low-level background noise such as noise from fans.

The quality level of hearing aid circuitry provides good sound quality in noisy environments. The quality level of Beltone hearing aids has up to three hearing programs tailored to different listening environments.

Beltone’s advantage hearing aid circuitry has stronger performance than the basic and quality levels. The advantage hearing aids by Beltone have seven different listening programs to match different hearing environments. These hearing aids automatically switch to the appropriate program for the current hearing environment.

Premier circuitry by Beltone provides the best performance in different hearing environments including noisy environments. Some Beltone hearing aids come with a feature that amplifies voices while minimizing background noise. The advantage and premier levels of circuitry have wind noise suppression.

The Beltone hearing aid price varies according to the level and style of the hearing aid. Many Beltone hearing aids prices are thousands of dollars. Some customer complaints about Beltone hearing aids state
Beltone hearing aid prices between five thousand five hundred dollars to over seven thousand dollars. The audiologist will consider the hearing aid user’s budget when suggesting Beltone hearing aids that may be good options for the customer.

Beltone boasts of a ninety-five percent customer satisfaction rate. Many customer complaints about Beltone hearing aids are not necessarily about the product itself, but complaints about service concerning the hearing practitioner.

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