Audibel makes a variety of hearing aids to suit the needs of many hearing aid users. The product line of Audibel hearing aids includes different models, features, and hearing aid accessories.

The hearing aid user’s lifestyle is an important factor in determining which hearing aid is best for them. Audibel makes several products designed to meet the challenges of different lifestyles.

The Anthem hearing aid product line includes four basic products. These products are available in many models and colors. Anthem Platinum with IntelliFlex was designed to provide optimum levels of performance, comfort, and the ability to be customized.

IntelliFlex technology that is available with the Anthem products gives the hearing aid three times more power than older technologies. This technology also provides a smoother transition between quiet and loud sounds.

Anthem Gold hearing aids focus on being suitable for people with active lifestyles. Audibel designed Anthem Silver hearing aids for people with social lifestyles. Anthem Bronze hearing aids are for people who are exposed to minimal levels of background noise.

Audibel Anthem behind-the-ear (BTE) hearing aids come with a new feature called EZ Touch. The hearing aid has a touch-sensitive control that allows the hearing aid user to adjust the settings with a simple touch of the hearing aid. Sliding the finger on the touch control adjusts the volume of the hearing aid.

The Audibel Virtue hearing aid product line focuses on user-friendly use and maintenance. The Virtue Audibel hearing aid is a mini behind-the-ear (BTE) model.

Virtue hearing aids by Audibel have BluWave Signal Processing. This processing system is designed to minimize feedback such as whistling that can be an annoyance for hearing aid users.

Audibel suggests cleaning its hearing aids everyday with a small brush to remove dirt and earwax. The battery life can be extended while the hearing aid is not in use by opening the battery compartment to prevent the battery from being in contact with the hearing aid internal components.

A person with hearing loss should consult an audiologist or hearing professional for information on which type of hearing aid is best suited for their hearing loss and lifestyle. Audibel hearing aids are available in numerous locations across the United States.

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