What causes hearing loss in human? What are the possible reasons for hearing loss? What are the causes of hearing loss? Where are the best hearing aids reviews?

Our ability to hear sounds and words depends on a chain of events and these functions can be impaired or lost through an interruption or a fault in the chain. To find out the causes of hearing 1st you will need to know how the ear hears.

The external ear carries vibrations in the air (sounds) into the ear canal. The middle ear then transmits vibrations of the drum through a series of tiny bones to the inner ear, where the vibrations are translated into nerve impulses.

The inner ear is an extraordinary complicated mechanism and the medical profession still admits to not fully understanding how it works. It comprises of some fluid and a thin membrane of tiny hairs which are housed in the cochlea and connect directly to a multitude of nerve endings which join together to form the auditory nerve.

The auditory nerve transmits these impulses to the brain where they are analysed and recognised as sounds.

Hearing loss could be caused by problems in the external and middle ear and these impairment can be cured. However the main cause of hearing loss especially as we age, is problems in the inner ear.

Inner ear problems can be diagnosed on the basis of hearing test, Electronystagmography (ENG), ECOG, Posturography or Platform test, the Rotary Chair test and imaging tests such as X-ray, CT scan and MRI scan.

Most hearing loss can be improved with the help of digital hearing aid devices. But not all hearing aids are suitable for all degree of hearing loss. Please consult an audiologist to do a hearing test to assess your hearing ability and let him consult you on whether you need a hearing aid.

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